The Kingdom of Thailand

The Kingdom of ThailandThe Kingdom of Thailand
Thailand, also called the Land of Smiles, is the most popular tourist destination in South-East Asia due to its wealth of natural beauty, culture and history, gorgeous islands and beaches and the mouth-watering food. In the North you will find breathtaking mountain ranges with waterfalls and fast flowing rivers for trekking and rafting, ethnic tribal groups with unique customs and clothing and people famous for their courtesy and hospitality. The North-East, or Isan, is one of the country’s most intriguing destination with many Stone Age and Bronze Age dwellings and artifacts, and several significant temples and national parks. The Central plains and the East Coast are dotted with national parks, seaside resorts and islands.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ชมธรรมชาติ#2 : Take Rest to see Nice Views

Multnomah Falls Oregon 

Morning Winter light on the Teton Range Wyoming 

Natural Bridges State Beach Santa Cruz California 

Natural Wonder Niagara Falls 

Oak Horizons 

Oneonta Gorge Falls Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area Oregon 

Parade of Elephants Arches National Park Utah

Pimene Summit Ossoue Valley French Pyrenees 

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia 1 

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia 2 

Point Lobos at Sunset California 

Roaring Fork Great Smoky Mountains 

San Isabel National Forest Colorado 

Seastacks From Rialto Beach Olympic National Park Washington 

Shadows in the Sand Namib Desert Namibia Africa 

Silhouetted Pines at Sunrise Everglades National Park Florida

Tropical Reflections Hawaii 

South Pacific Sunset 

Square Top Mountain and the Green River Wyoming 

Storm Clouds Over the Teton Range Wyoming 

Sunny Sky 

Sunrise Light on the Rocky Shores of Lake Michigan Wisconsin 

Sunset at the Great Fountain Geyser Yellowstone National Park Wyoming 

Tahitian Escape 

Tioga Falls Fort Knox Military Reservation Kentucky 

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